About us

Cathe Capel and Ken Smith are the  proprietors at Seven Sisters Farm. We strive to raise happy, healthy sheep; the flock's well-being is the focus of most of Cathe's daily farm activities. Our sheep graze a series of large paddocks, and they have access to water, pasture, shade, and shelter all day every day throughout the year. Two magnificent, rescued guardian dogs,  Seamus and Emma, protect them from predators.

We produce high-quality fleeces for fiber artists, artisans, and crafters. To help maintain fleece quality, many of the ewes and lambs wear “coats” to keep vegetable matter (VM) out of the wool. Our best fleeces are sold raw at local fleece and fiber shows. We reserve some of our wool for processing at small fiber mills, where it is made into roving, top, and yarn. You can contact me directly about product you might be interested in.

Other projects on the farm include eggs from a small flock of laying hens, broilers and turkeys, and a small fruit and vegetable garden. We have also collaborated with a young entrepreneur from Wisconsin and planted 10 acres in agroforestry. This area includes grazing for the sheep, tree nuts and fruit, a wind break, and pollinator habitat. The vision for this part of the farm is to provide grazing for our sheep in a multi-use area while developing a profitable perennial alternative to corn and soybeans, especially for the fragile and soils along stream and river corridors in Illinois.