Heirloom Yarn Launch

Seven Sisters Farm is excited to offer "Heirloom," a blend of Longwool and Corriedale wools that create a lustrous and elegant fingering weight. You can order skeins or pair with patterns designed specifically for this yarn from our friends. These include:

  • Rose Cottage Cap designed by Melissa Littlefield (Knitting the Stash)
  • Fountain Leaf Shawl by Amy Engelbrecht-Wiggans (Amy E-W on Ravelry)
  • Heirloom Ankle Socks by Beth Engelbrecht-Wiggans (Beth E-W on Ravelry)

Check out the yarn and these beautiful patterns on Knitting the Stash in the following video!

Heirloom Prices

Single Skeins                            $20each

Rose Cottage Cap Kit:             Pattern + Yarn (1 skein)           $22 each

Fountain Leaf Shawl Kit:        Pattern + Yarn (3 skeins)        $62 each

Heirloom Ankle Socks Kit:     Pattern+ Yarn (1 Skein)           $22 each

To Buy

For more information and to purchase, please email Cathe at