Shorn II 2019 Clip & Patterns


Shorn II 2019 Clip & Patterns

Yarn Info (from Knitting The Stash)
Shorn 2019 is a 3-ply sport weight yarn that has about 250yds per 4oz. It’s in a beautiful blended grey made up of Corriedale and Teeswater wool from right here in Illinois! Melissa Littlefield (of Knitting the Stash fame) cared for some of our sheep from Seven Sisters Farm on their own pastures this summer and this blend is bouncy, next-to-skin soft, and perfect for cables and texture. It’s been milled in the midwest, at Stonehedge Fiber Mill, and it’s all natural–no synthetic stuff, no dyes, nothing but awesome, local, natural fiber!

Kephren Pritchett ( designed two wonderful accessories just for this yarn: the Traveling Hat and the Traveling (fingerless) Mitts. Both take full advantage of the plump, 3-ply yarn to make their cables pop! And you can purchase these patterns WITH or WITHOUT the yarn! Click the links above to view Kephren’s Ravelry Shop.


  • Each skein: $25*
  • Traveling Hat Kit (1 skein of yarn, digital download code): $30*
  • Traveling Mitts Kit (1 skein of yarn, digital download code): $30*

*Domestic shipping will be $6 for 1 skein, $8 for 2 skeins, and $12 for 3+ skeins
*International shipping is available, but costs will vary by location

Email Melissa at with your order* and she'll invoice you via Paypal!




Heirloom Yarn & Patterns

Heirloom Yarn & Patterns

Seven Sisters Farm is excited to offer "Heirloom," a blend of Longwool and Corriedale wools that create a lustrous and elegant fingering weight. You can order skeins or pair with patterns designed specifically for this yarn from our friends. These include:

  • Rose Cottage Cap designed by Melissa Littlefield (Knitting the Stash)
  • Fountain Leaf Shawl by Amy (Amy E-W on Ravelry)
  • Heirloom Ankle Socks by Beth  (Beth E-W on Ravelry)

Check out the yarn and these beautiful patterns on Knitting the Stash in the following video!

Heirloom Prices

Single Skeins                            $20each

Rose Cottage Cap Kit:             Pattern + Yarn (1 skein)           $22 each

Fountain Leaf Shawl Kit:        Pattern + Yarn (3 skeins)        $62 each

Heirloom Ankle Socks Kit:     Pattern+ Yarn (1 Skein)           $22 each

To Buy

For more information and to purchase, please email Cathe at