After shearing in March, our very best fleeces are skirted carefully and sold as whole or half fleeces in white and natural colors.

Roving and Locks

Our wool is also available clean as locks, fleece, roving, and top. We have white, natural colors, painted and solid color roving and top, and dyed locks and fleece.


We also send wool to regional fiber mills where it is made into beautiful wool yarn. Our yarn is available in natural colors and hand dyed with natural or commercial dyes.

Sustainable Wool Production

At Seven Sisters Farm we are dedicated to healthy, happy sheep and great wool. We crossbreed among 2 breeds to produce the best wool possible: Corriedales for substance and Cormos for next-to-the-skin softness.

Our wool is available directly off the sheep, as combed or carded roving and top, and in a variety of yarn collections, some produced in partnership with other central Illinois shepherds. Please contact us for more information on ordering and availability.